NBA Trade Candidates Right Now

There is always NBA players in trade rumors at all times during the year, a part from after the trade deadline. This year is no different. Let’s look at some of these players who have recently been in rumors.

Myles Turner Pacers

If there are trade rumors, Turner will be in them. For the past three years Turner has been in these rumors and at any point he has wanted to be traded or been injured or playing with lackluster effort or even, more recently, scoring 37 points. It is rumored that the Clippers and Thunder want to trade for him now after the Lakers were big favorites to get him.

Russell Westbrook Lakers

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Westbrook was the main focal point of trades this offseason and early in the season because he had played so bad. Since the first few games he has been arguably the best player on the team and other teams actually want to trade for him. The Lakers are terrible and Westbrook or Anthony Davis are the two most-rumored to be traded.

Jae Crowder Suns

After the Suns benched Crowder in favor of starting Cam Johnson, Crowder has essentially refused to play. Now he finds himself in a lot of trade rumors as he seems like that is what he wants. For some reason Crowder has a huge market with top teams in the league.

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