NBA Trades that Need to Happen

Raptors at Wizards 3/2/18

The NBA trade deadline is coming up and these players need to get moved. They are either rotting away on a bad team or have been rumored to be traded so much they just need to be moved at this point.

Pascal Siakam

Siakam is one of those players who has been rumored to be traded to any team with a chance at the playoffs at this point and has even been rumored to be traded to the Pistons, the worst team in the league. The Toronto Raptors have been home to Siakam for his entire career but now as this team struggles, it seems it’s finally time to actually move on. Indiana or Dallas seem like the most likely landing spots.

Tyus Jones

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One of the most solid point guards in the league had been a career backup before this season. Now, he is starting on the Washington Wizards but his talent is being wasted there. Put Tyus Jones on Minnesota or the Lakers and it would likely bump their overall teams up as far as being a contender.

Klay Thompson

Yes, Klay Thompson needs to finally be traded. The Golden State Warriors seem to be finally done as this season seems too much to come back from. Thompson has not been good this year but every once in a while he will have a big game. He has just been so inconsistent and the Warriors need to move on from him and probably Draymond Green to rebuild around Steph Curry with better and younger talent.

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