NBA Trades that Need to Happen

The NBA offseason is officially here. After the draft, free agency, and with Summer League ending soon there, is not much happening with the NBA besides some trades that seemingly come out of nowhere. These are some trades we want to see before the season starts.

James Harden to the Clippers

James Harden has requested yet another trade. That makes three trade requests in two years for him? Regardless, seeing him in Philadelphia with Joel Embiid made for some pretty boring basketball and it seems Harden would fit in better with two other star wing players so they can get out in transition and play a faster-paced game that Harden has been missing.

Dame Lillard to anyone but the Heat

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Nearly a decade of loyalty to Portland can all but be thrown out of the window for what Dame Lillard is doing now. After signing a two-year extension last summer, he is requesting a trade but only wants to be traded to Miami or he won’t be happy. This puts Portland in a terrible spot as Miami can just send them lowball offers. We would like to see Portland get the most trade value from Lillard and send him somewhere in the East like Detroit or Orlando.

Karl Anthony-Towns to Atlanta or Indiana

The NBA needs to distribute the talent out between conferences. Basically every team in the West thinks they have a shot at a good playoff spot heading into next year while the East has four or five teams who have no real shot at winning anything, even if they do make it into the play in. If you’re Minnesota, trade KAT back East where he can’t hurt you as much. The Wolves said they want to get rid of one max deal if they are not a competitive team in the Western Conference Playoffs, which they shouldn’t be.

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