New NBA Title Favorites

Celtics at Wizards 4/10/18

Following the trade deadline we have some new teams at the top of the NBA title favorites. Let’s check out who and why.

Boston Celtics +275

Boston remains the favorite to win it all. After making it to the finals and losing to the Warriors last year, they are seen as the team most likely to get there and win it this season. Trades didn’t really effect their odds and if anything their odds were improved as the Brookyln Nets fell off as a serious contender in the East.

Milwaukee Bucks +410

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Another team from the East comes in here before a team from the West. Boston and Philadelphia seem like the only other real competition in the East, so it makes sense that these two teams are above anyone in the West, which is more competitive.

Phoenix Suns +500

Before the trade to acquire Kevin Durant, the Suns were hovering around the 10th best odds to win the title. Now they are third and the favorites in the West.

Denver Nuggets +750

The Nuggets have held the top spot in the West pretty much all season. They have looked dominant with Jamal Murray getting back to full strength and Aaron Gordon playing some of his best basketball of his career to pair with Nikola Jokic.

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