New NFL Concussion Protocols from the NFL and NFLPA

With so many concussions in the NFL so far this year the NFL and NFLPA are working on new concussion protocols for the league. After the two sides couldn’t come to an immediate agreement, there is an expected mediation that will happen between the two as soon as possible to get the new standards set.

The most publicized concussion of the season so far has been that of Tua Tagovailoa. He suffered what appeared to be a concussion in week 3 of the NFL season but he was ruled to not have concussion symptoms by a doctor who was later fired for his poor diagnosis. The next week Tua suffered a clear concussion where he lost motor functions in a scary sight.

Tua had the most apparent and most publicized concussion of the year, but a ton of other players have suffered concussions as well this season. These players include the Patriots backup quarterback who filled in for Mac Jones, Brian Hoyer, as well as the Raiders’ Nate Hobbs, among many more. Hobbs had a scary looking concussion but was able to return in their very next game.

The league has been all about player safety in the past handful of years, so we will see what new concussion protocols they put in place for the foreseeable future.

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