NFL Draft: Who Goes No. 1?

Charles Johnson and Gary Gibson at the Carolina Panther's training camp on 8/6/2008.

The Carolina Panthers have traded up in the 2023 NFL Draft to get the No. 1 selection. This is likely in an attempt to draft a franchise quarterback, something that they haven’t had since they drafted Cam Newton first overall in 2011.

There are four quarterbacks who are expected to be selected in the top 10: Will Levis, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Bryce Young. Out of those four, two seem to be in the running to be the No. 1 selection, Richardson and Stroud, although anything can happen really.

How would either of Richardson or Stroud fit with the Panthers though?

First off, let’s look at Anthony Richardson. He is a big and athletic quarterback with a big arm. To be honest, he is pretty similar to what Cam Newton was when he was drafted. Richardson is raw and inaccurate but his playmaking could make up for that until he gets more comfortable. If he is taken first he would fit in nicely with the Panthers who showed last year they want to run in this offense and also signed Miles Sanders in free agency.

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The other option would be CJ Stroud. Stroud is very NFL ready and could become one of the best quarterbacks very quickly in the league like Joe Burrow did. He is that good. He has the size, arm, accuracy, and athleticism you are looking for in an NFL quarterback.

So why would Stroud not go No. 1? The upside of Richardson is something the NFL hasn’t seen since Cam Newton and he was good, he led the Panthers to a Super Bowl and won an MVP. Stroud is a safe pick but Richardson is very intruiging.

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