NFL QBs Ranked for 2023

5. Justin Herbert Chargers

People forget how good Justin Herbert was last season. He finished the NFL regular season second in passing yards and eighth in touchdowns despite having to deal with injuries to his top weapons Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, who missed a combined 11 games. If the Chargers didn’t blow a massive lead to Jacksonville in the playoffs, Herbert would have had a chance to knock out the Chiefs.

4. Jalen Hurts Eagles

The passing stats won’t jump off the page for Hurts. He was 10th in passing yards and 14th in touchdowns but he was 14-1 as a starter in the regular season and led his team to a near-Super Bowl win. Hurts also is a big-time runner with 13 rushing touchdowns on the season plus five more in the playoffs.

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3. Joe Burrow Bengals

Burrow couldn’t get the Bengals back to the Super Bowl for the second-straight season but he has proven that he is a winner. With an average defense and non-existent run game, Burrow has done a lot with a little around him. That alone should be enough to warrant this ranking but he also finished tied for second in touchdown passes last year.

2. Josh Allen Bills

Josh Allen hasn’t been able to get over the hump in the playoffs. The Chiefs stopped him a few times earlier in his career and now the Bengals and Burrow beat him. During the regular season though he is overwhelmingly dominant. He threw the same amount of touchdowns as Burrow which was tied for second most and also ran for 762 yards and seven touchdowns. Also Allen led the Bills to 13 wins during the regular season.

1. Patrick Mahomes Chiefs

Coming off of a Super Bowl win and amazing season when people thought the Chiefs would regress, it is impossible to put Mahomes anywhere but first on the list. He also led the NFL in passing yards by over 500 yards and touchdowns by six. Incredible stuff from Mahomes.

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