NFL Quarterbacks Who Could be on Their Chance

Every year in the NFL there is a quarterback going in to the season that will be an NFL starting quarterback for the last time ever in week 1. This year there are a few that could be in that situation. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Daniel Jones Giants

Jones has been the starter for the Giants for the past three seasons and is headed in to his fourth. He has never led the Giants to a winning record. He hasn’t even ever had good stats for a full year. If he can’t take the Giants to at least a winning record this year, it could be his last time ever starting week 1 in the NFL. No team would want to give him another chance at starting after being one of the worst starters in the NFL for four straight years.

Marcus Mariota Falcons

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Mariota hasn’t been a starter in week 1 since 2019. After showing some signs of still being a decent quarterback for the Raiders in the past two years, he will get one last shot with the Falcons. He might be set up to fail already as the Falcons arguably have the worst roster in the NFL on offense and defense heading into the season. If he can prove to be decent and win some games, he may be more than a bridge quarterback for Atlanta.

Mitchell Trubisky Steelers

The second-overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft is likely getting his last chance at being an NFL starter this year. It really depends on how the Steelers season goes. If they can make it back into the playoffs with him, he should be given another shot next year. If not, the Steelers would probably decide to go with their first-round pick from 2022, Kenny Pickett, next season. Trubisky would still be owed $8M next year and no team would want to trade for him at that point. By the start of next season Trubisky will be 29-years-old.

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