NFL Week 15 Games We Can’t Wait For — Washington Football Team at. Buffalo Bills from Highmark Stadium, Buffalo, NY September 26th, 2021 (All-Pro Reels Photography)

This week in the NFL we have our first Saturday games of the season. It makes for NFL action on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Let’s look at some games we are excited to watch.

Miami at Buffalo Saturday Night

The Dolphins will leave the warm climate of Miami to enter what is expected to be a snow bowl in Buffalo on Saturday night. It will be a big game for both teams but for Miami it could be a game that puts their season on the line. At 8-5 they are currently in the Wildcard spot but there are three teams right under them at 7-6. Also both of these electric offenses will face the snow, which should be entertaining.

Lions at Jets Early Sunday

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Yes, this is a game that we can’t wait for. Why? Because the Jets need to win this game to keep their playoff hopes alive. This is the biggest game for the Jets in the past four years. It comes against the Lions who are extremely hot right now. To win this game the Jets may need four touchdowns. It should be a fun one to watch especially since Zach Wilson will be starting so we can see if he actually can be a solid NFL quarterback.

Eagles at Chicago Early Sunday

Is this Bears offense for real? Justin Fields will look to prove that against the team with the best record in the league. A good comparison for Fields and what he could potentially turn into is Jalen Hurts. The Eagles have a nine-point-predicted spread over the Bears but many people believe that the Bears could cover that.

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