NHL MVP a 2-Man Race

The NHL MVP race to begin the year was arguably between four players. Those four players were Connor McDavid, Nathan Mckinnon, Auston Matthews, and Leon Draisaitl. Now, nearly halfway into the season, it seems that the race is between two players, one who came seemingly out of nowhere.

The first player who is a lead candidate for the MVP is Connor McDavid. McDavid is leading the league in goals by three and is also second in the NHL in assists. He has been dominant this season again after winning the MVP in 2021, just two years ago. The Edmonton Oilers also have a winning season going on so far in the year.

The other player that has made himself a part of the NHL MVP award conversation is Jason Robertson. After being just 13th in the league in goals last season, Robertson is third in the NHL in goals scored. An 18-game point streak has elevated him past the others. If he can keep this pace up, he should be a candidate at the end of the year for the award.

As for the other preseason MVP favorites, Auston Matthews may still have a chance with a big second half of the year but the others may have fallen too far back at this point to win it.

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Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Connor_McDavid_-_19434541205.jpg