Sacramento Kings Win on Buzzer Beater Three

The Sacramento Kings hosted the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday, December 29th. The Mavericks would be without their superstar Luka Doncic but were still picked to be the favorites in the game by Las Vegas by 1.5 points. Vegas would have been spot on if not for a Kings three that went through the basket as the final buzzer sounded.

Kristaps Porzingis got fouled and made two free throws with 33 seconds left in the game to take the lead 94-92. The Kings then missed a layup but then forced a bad shot by the Mavericks to get the ball back with just over four seconds left. The Mavericks then took an early foul to leave the Kings with 3.5 seconds in the game at half court. De’Aaron Fox took the ball off of the inbound and drove through the lane as it looked like he had a decent shot at a contested layup to tie the game. Instead, he kicked it out to a wide open three point shooter in the corner in Chimezie Metu. There was no hesitation on his part as he fired it up as the buzzer sounded and knocked it down to defeat the Mavericks by a score of 95-94 in an exciting ending.

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