The operating principle of is to offer sports content via links from various popular sources, in addition to contemporary items of our own. The links we use always lead to their respective sources, by which we ensure the traffic is redirected to whom it belongs.

How to get involved?

Anyone can suggest a source for news feed, as long as the website provides public RSS-feed. When suggesting a source, please note which sport in particular the source is concentrating. Some of the major news providers might be missing from our repertoire, but that is likely because of their own rules and regulations.

When a potential source is suggested, we’ll begin the content evaluation process which includes assessment on the quality, speed and relevance. After the assessment we’ll decide if the source is filling a need and fitting in our selection and include it in our news feed if so.

If you encounter problems on our web-site or there’s something definitely missing, please send feedback and let us know! In any enquiries please contact:

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