Stephen Curry is on the Brink of Breaking the All-Time Three Point Record

Stephen Curry is just 10 three pointers away from breaking the all-time leader in three point field goals in NBA history, Ray Allen. This is a big milestone for Curry and he will likely push well past this record as he still has many good years of basketball ahead of him. Curry was able to put in six threes in his last game against the Portland Trail Blazers to make it a doable task to get it done in his next game.

The Golden State Warriors next matchup is against the Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia in a game that will be televised on Saturday, December 11th. It would be very fitting for Curry to break the record on national television and against his brother, Seth Curry, who plays for the 76ers. Steph Curry would need a standout performance to hit 10 threes in a game and it is something he hasn’t done in a game so far this season. He does have four games this season with nine threes in a game.

Breaking the record on primetime television would be an iconic and memorable moment for Curry. If Curry doesn’t break the record on Saturday, his next chance would be against the Indiana Pacers on Monday, December 13th in Indianapolis.