Summer League Players We Can’t Wait to Watch

The NBA Summer League is underway and these are some players we can’t wait to watch:

Victor Wembanyama Spurs

The first overall pick has been called the ‘best prospect ever’ and has been rumored to play at least a little bit in the NBA Summer League. His height and skill seems like it will translate very well to the NBA but it can’t be true until we see it happen. We want to see some handles, threes, blocks, and dunks from him before we decide if he will be dominant in the league.

Chet Holmgren Thunder

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We saw Chet Holmgren in the Summer League last year and he was dominant. Now we get to see him again after an injury caused him to miss the entire season last year. Holmgren has a similar skillset and height to Wembanyama and could battle him for rookie of the year next season.

Scoot Henderson Blazers

It was said that Scoot Henderson was another rare prospect like Wembanyama and he would have gone first in many other drafts in the past. Well, he fell to pick No. 3, which was not expected just a few weeks before the draft. The fit with the Hornets may have not been ideal with LaMelo Ball and Terrry Rozier but with the Blazers, Henderson could have the ultimate green light if Dame Lillard is traded. In Summer League Henderson should be getting a ton of shots up and prove he should have been taken second, if not first.

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