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The Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13th between the Rams and the Bengals will feature one of the NFL’s greatest rosters ever assembled along with one of the most unlikely teams in the league this year playing in the game.

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The Los Angeles Rams arguably have the most talented roster in NFL history. From top to bottom this roster is tacked on both sides of the ball. This talented team has been playing at the top of their game recently and looks unbeatable at the moment.

At quarterback, Matthew Stafford can be seen as top five at his position this season. He has always been a top five talent, but now he is on a team that showcases those abilities better. Stafford is likely to throw for multiple touchdowns, and if he does, he could be a lock for the Super Bowl MVP.

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The Rams also have the best wide receiver in the NFL in Cooper Kupp, who led the league in receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, and catches. Not to mention they signed Odell Beckham Jr., who many people saw as the best wide receiver in the league just a few seasons ago.

Bengals vs Rams – Which one will win the trophy?

Rams’ running back, Cam Akers, is a young star in the making as well, who broke out towards the end of 2020 before being injured for most of this season. With him back fully healthy, he could be a sleeper for Super Bowl MVP and be seen as one of the top running backs next season after this game.

The defense for the Rams is just as stacked. This defense features three almost certain hall of famers in Aaron Donald, Von Miller, and Jalen Ramsey. It could prove to be the Bengals’ toughest defensive opponent they have faced yet.

The Bengals don’t have the most talented roster by any means in the NFL, but they always seem to figure out a way to win. This matchup could prove to be another one of those games. For the most part, their games aren’t pretty, yet Joe Burrow finds a way to set his team up to win. This may be their toughest game of the playoffs so far though, and they will need a great performance from Burrow to win it.

There is not a likely scenario where the Bengals win the game and Joe Burrow doesn’t win the MVP. With so much media hype on him these playoffs and with his ability to will the Bengals to wins, he will have to a good game for them to win the trophy.

Last season, this Cincinnati team won just four games, and Burrow suffered a bad leg injury. Just a year later though, they are in the Super Bowl. It is quite the unlikely story and a win could catapult Burrow into being called the best quarterback in the current NFL.

This Super Bowl features a true David vs Goliath story, and the Bengals will need an incredible game from their young quarterback to come away with a win.

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