The Brooklyn Nets are Bringing Back Kyrie Irving

With the current player situation in Brooklyn right now the Nets have decided to bring back Kyrie Irving. The main reasons that the franchise has stated for this include: current injuries, common Covid player losses and a significant minutes load on their superstar players, Kevin Durant and James Harden. The Nets are bringing back Kyire Irving strictly on a part time basis as he is still not allowed to play in home games in New York. Irving has been surrendering his game checks as he has been getting fined for every game missed so far this season. The total amount has added up to over six million dollars so far.

Kyrie Irving is a seven time NBA All Star and is one of the best scorers and players in the NBA. He will rejoin this Brooklyn Nets team that already has the current best record in the Eastern Conference. The timetable has yet to be set for when his official return will be but the Nets have said they are working on getting him back in the lineup. Irving will most likely have to train with coaches and the team to make sure he is in a physical condition to play in an NBA game before anything is set in stone for his return.