The Hectic Last Week of the NBA Regular Season

The last week of the NBA regular season is always something of a spectacle. On one hand you have about 10 teams with something actually to play for while the other 20 teams are either resting their guys for the playoffs or resting their guys to tank for a better draft pick.

With the play-in tournament more teams have something to play for, a potential chance at a playoff series. This has made teams like the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, and even the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors still have hope that they can make it in the postseason. The Lakers and Warriors even believe that they can compete for a championship if they get in.

Then there are teams like the Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies who have had a lot of injuries throughout the season but now are resting even their healthy players. The Grizzlies had just eight players available to play on Wednesday and I bet you have never heard of at least five of them.

The end of the season is fun to watch for those games that matter for seeding in the playoffs and to see who gets in and who doesn’t. For the other teams it’s also entertaining to see a franchise’s young talent they are taking a look at while trying to lose games on purpose.

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