The MLB Wildcard is Heating UP

Red Sox at Orioles 9/18/17

This year in the MLB more so than ever before it seems, the wildcard standings are incredibly close. There are a ton of teams with great records that find themselves currently out of the wildcard. This includes the Mariners at 65-55 and the Red Sox at 63-57 in the American League as well as a three way-tie in the National League at 63-58 between the Cubs, Marlins and Reds.

The National League Wildcard is extremely interesting due to how many teams are close at the top. The Giants have just a 1.5-game lead for the final wildcard spot followed by the three aforementioned teams. This also includes Arizona who is just 1.5 behind the other three teams for that last spot.

So, who will make it from the National League? Right now the Cubs seem to be the hot team that is on the rise. They have a great shot at getting that spot. The Giants are quickly falling and may not have enough firepower to hold their spot.

In the American League we have seen the Mariners and Red Sox on the rise while the Toronto Blue Jays seem to be falling out of their hold on the wildcard currently.

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