The Surprise NBA Teams this Year

Every year there are surprise NBA teams that come out of nowhere to be some of the top teams in the league. Let’s look at some that have surprised us the most so far.

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder were a team with a ton of hype heading into the season after showing some promise least year. They didn’t make the playoffs but with Chet Holmgren already being one of the top defensive players plus having one of the top stars in the league in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and other key players like Jalen Williams playing really well, this team is second in the Western Conference.

Orlando Magic

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This team isn’t at the top of the Eastern Conference but they are sixth and no one expected them to be there. They started the season off extremely hot but then came back down to earth a bit. Now, they are back to their winning ways. They are three games behind the Philadelphia 76ers and may catch them here soon with out Joel Embiid.

Minnesota Timberwolves

After back-to-back first-round exits this team is now first in the Western Conference. The past two seasons they have been slightly above the .500 mark but now are around .700 this season. With basically the same team from last year to this one, it is extremely impressive the jump that they have made.

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