This is What the NHL Wanted

The Western Conference Finals is a dream matchup that the NHL definitely wanted to make happen. It features two of the premiere players in the entire league in a conference finals matchup.

This matchup could and should get those who are not as into hockey as they are some other sports attached to their televisions. It is between Connor McDavid for the Edmonton Oilers and Nathan MacKinnon for the Colorado Avalanche.

These two are arguably the best two players in the entire NHL, and now they will be pitted up against one another in the conference finals. All hockey fans should be ecstatic for this matchup and even non-hockey fans should want to tune in to watch these two star players go head-to-head.

In the Avalanche’s previous series against St. Louis, MacKinnon had one of the best plays you will ever see in a hockey game going coast-to-coast for a goal. Check out the clip below:

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While MacKinnon had that impressive goal, McDavid is tied for first in the NHL for total points in these playoffs with 26 already.

Watching these two fly down the ice for a full series is going to be special. This is a dream matchup for the Western Conference Finals.

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