Top 10 NFL Players in 2023

1. Tom Brady Buccaneers

Brady led the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns las year and has the Bucs as one of the Super Bowl favorites next season.

2. Patrick Mahomes Chiefs

Mahomes won the 2018 MVP and still arguably has the best arm in the league.

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3. Josh Allen Bills

Allen is the MVP betting favorite and he has the Bills as the Super Bowl favorite as well.

4. Aaron Rodgers Packers

Last season’s MVP will be without his favorite wide receiver, Davante Adams, next year, but him and Mahomes have two of the best arms in the league still.

5. Aaron Donald Rams

Donald nearly retired after winning the Super Bowl last year, but he is the anchor of the defense and is the best run and pass defensive tackle in the league.

6. Myles Garrett Browns

Pass rushing is the most sought after thing in the NFL after quarterback. Garrett brings that and is one of the best athletes in the league.

7. Jalen Ramsey Rams

A lockdown corner is arguably the third-most important position in football. Ramsey can change the game by taking the other team’s best wide receiver out of the game.

8. Matt Stafford Rams

Stafford beat the Bengals and Justin Herbert didn’t make the playoffs, so Stafford deserves to be ahead of Herbert and Joe Burrow as he is just as talented.

9. Jonathan Taylor Colts

Taylor was the offense for Indianapolis last year. This year he will be again for a team that is predicted to make the playoffs.

10. Justin Herbert Chargers

Herbert is young but can make all the throws. He should be in line for a big year coming up.

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