Top 2nd Year NBA Players

After a full rookie season these NBA players are at the top of their class in their second season:

3. Evan Mobley Cavaliers

The Cavaliers appeared to strike gold with Evan Mobley last year. So far in his sophomore campaign he has been on a slower growth path than most people would have thought. That is likely due to Donovan Mitchell being added to the team and his role on offense being decreased a bit. His overall stats have remained essentially the same this year but his three-point percentage is at just 20%.

2. Scottie Barnes Raptors

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It hasn’t been the massive breakout that everyone thought Scottie Barnes would have this year. There are a ton of other options on this Raptors’ team besides Barnes and sometimes he is overshadowed on offense. His stats have remained very similar to his rookie year besides the jump in assists per game from 3.5 to 4.9 which is nice to see.

1. Cade Cunningham Pistons

A huge jump was expected for Cunningham this season. It looked like that would be the case too as he had increased numbers across the board early before his season-ending injury. He still should be looked at as the top player in the class of 2021 and a future All Star potentially.

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