Top 3 Tight Ends in the NFL

The tight end position in the NFL has become more and more utilized over the past few seasons. Commonly one of the teams’ top receiving options can be from the position. We break down the top three in the league below:

1. Travis Kelce Chiefs

The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes love to throw to Kelce. He is 6’5″ and resembles a basketball player with his size and athleticism. Kelce is now the No. 1 option after being option No. 1B when Tyreek Hill was on the team. While he isn’t an elite blocker, he is still a capable one and more than makes up for it with his tremendous receiving ability. He has now had six-straight years of 1,000+ yard seasons and could have much more than that this upcoming season.

2. George Kittle 49ers

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Kittle may be the best athlete at the position with the combination of his strength, speed, jumping, and coordination. His receiving numbers are more than respectable but won’t jump out as much as other tight ends on this list due to the offense that he plays in. Kittle doesn’t get nearly the amount of targets as other tight ends but that is also due to the fact that he may be the best blocking tight end in the NFL and is utilized that way on a lot of plays.

3. Mark Andrews Ravens

Andrews made a massive leap last year into the top three tight end conversation. He totaled 107 catches, for 1,367 yards, and nine touchdowns last year, all of which were top in those categories for tight ends. He was also the top in those categories out of all players on his team. Andrews had a breakout season but that was his first truly massive season and will have to show he can do it again before he moves up on this list.

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