Top 5 NFL Tight Ends

Tight end has become one of the most important positions on an NFL field. Big tight ends are now elite pass catchers and runners as well as blockers. Let’s look at the top five in the league.

5. Dallas Goedert

He helped get his team to a Super Bowl and also is a great all-around tight end. He can block and catch with the best of them. It was a great year for Dallas Goedert and he will only get better going forward it seems.

4. Darren Waller

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It was a down year for Waller because of the injuries but he still is one of the best tight ends when healthy. He has the ability to run and catch with the best of them and is a legit deep threat as well at the position.

3. Mark Andrews

Andrews is another player like Waller who is a big deep threat. He has great hands and makes some extremely athletic plays. His career is still young and he looks like he could be the best tight end in the NFL in just a few years.

2. George Kittle

Kittle can do it all from the tight end position. He is the best-blocking tight end and the most physical. He has elite speed and hands and can turn any catch into a big play due to his ability to break tackles and out run defenders.

1. Travis Kelce

There is no doubt that Travis Kelce still holds the throne as the best tight end in the NFL as he led his team to a Super Bowl win. He is the best wide receiver on his team and had the second-most touchdown catches in the entire league this past season.

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