Top 5 Upcoming NBA Free Agents

With the NBA Finals close to being done we take a look at the five-best free agents this summer that are not expected to pick up their player/team option:

5. Jusuf Nurkic

The Portland Trail Blazers may give up on Nurkic after he has not been able to be healthy for them. He is talented but this team may move on from him and build around Damian Lillard and Anfernee Simons if they can resign him.

4. DeAndre Ayton

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Ayton has proven he can be a solid scorer and interior defender. He hasn’t proven that he can be a star yet though. Phoenix may let him go this offseason and he could sign a big deal elsewhere.

3. Miles Bridges

Bridges nearly broke out into a star this season. If Charlotte made the postseason he could have done just that. For now he looks like he can be the second or third best player on a good team but is yet to be a star.

2. Anfernee Simons

After the Blazers traded CJ McCollum and Lillard was out for the back half of the season, Simons broke out into a star. He could command a ton of money from Portland and it seems they will try to keep him

1. Zach LaVine

LaVine is already a star. Chicago built around him, but DeMar DeRozan took over the No. 1 spot there. He could look to move on to another team this offseason.

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