Top NBA Live for 1st-Round Upsets

This year more than ever it seems there could be some early upsets in the NBA playoffs. Let’s look at three teams who could be in for an early exit as a higher seed.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks as the three seed in the Eastern Conference will have to play the Indiana Pacers, who had their number seemingly all year, even when the Bucks were at full strength. Now, with Giannis potentially missing at least one game in this series, if not more, they could easily get upset here. It’s not the best matchup to begin with and the Bucks have looked bad this past month.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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The Thunder got the first seed in the Western Conference but may have a tough first round game. Golden State has been playing great and with the 10 seed they could make it past the play in to face OKC in the first round. That would instantly put OKC at risk of having to play one of the tougher teams in the playoffs the past 10 years.

Minnesota Timberwolves

As the three seed in the Western Conference with a large margin over the fourth seed, you would think that Minnesota would be the favorites in the first round. That is not the case. The Phoenix Suns are actually the betting favorites to win this series. Before the season the Suns were a popular pick to win the title and may turn it up in the playoffs.

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