Top NHL Trade Candidates

The NHL trade deadline is approaching and some teams will be looking to unload players in hopes of rebuilding. Here are some of the top candidates to be moved by the deadline:

Claude Giroux

Giroux is in the final year of his contract currently with the Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers have been a mess recently and are looking like they are moving to a rebuild. With Giroux on the tail end of his NHL career, he won’t hold the same trade value that he had just a few seasons ago when he had 102 points in 2019, but he can help a playoff team. Giroux has a no-trade clause, so he will have to approve his next destination which would likely be a playoff contender.

Tomas Hertl

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Hertl is in an extension year. If the San Jose Sharks can’t agree on an extension for him, it would be likely he could be moved at the deadline so the Sharks can get something in return for him. He is still one of the best forwards in the league, and many teams would be excited to get him at the deadline.

Jake DeBrusk

The Boston Bruins have been trying to move DeBrusk for a while now with no takers. It is rumored that the New York Rangers are now interested. The Bruins don’t see an increase in overall play when he is on the ice, although he still is a capable player and is still just 25-years-old.

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