Top Super Bowl Contenders for 2025

The NFL season is still months away but teams are starting to finalize their rosters after free agency and the draft. Let’s look at the top Super Bowl Contenders heading into the season.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have now won two Super Bowls in a row. As their roster remains essentially the same, if not better than last year, it’s impossible to not have them as the top contender for 2025. It helps that their division is a cakewalk into the playoffs each year. Once there with a first-round bye the Chiefs just have to win three games in a row.

San Francisco 49ers

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For the past handful of years the San Francisco 49ers have been just about as close as you can come to winning a Super Bowl without getting one. Last year was no different as it looked like at times they were in a great position to beat Kansas City. San Francisco still has the same roster as last year and should be right back in contention.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore has had trouble getting past Kansas City in the playoffs. This year they loaded up with Derrick Henry at running back and could be even more dominant running the ball. With a standout defense and an elite offense, this team should be right up there again next year.

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