Turmoil Coming in Brooklyn?

The Brooklyn Nets had a very underwhelming season. They were one of the preseason favorites to win the NBA championship, but they struggled heavily at various points throughout the season that ended in disaster.

It began with Kyrie Irving not being able to play at all and then only being able to play away games due to his vaccine status.

It was clear it wasn’t working with James Harden and Kevin Durant either. Brooklyn ended up trading Harden before the trade deadline for Ben Simmons.

Simmons proved to be a no-show the entire season, including his entire time with Brooklyn.

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With Durant out of the lineup for some time, they went through some real tough times. They ended up losing 11 straight games in a stretch that went from late January into February.

With Durant and Irving back in the lineup, the Nets were able to make the play-in game as the seventh seed.

They ended up making the playoffs but getting swept in the first round by Boston.

Recently, Kristian Winfield reported that the Nets are “unwilling” to give Irving a long-term contract.

If he is moved out of Brooklyn, it is also reported by Kristian Winfield that Durant could force his way out of Brooklyn if they are not able to surround him with the talent they need to win a championship.

Things could go from bad to worse in Brooklyn this offseason.

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kyrie_Irving_-_51831772061_01.jpg