August 23, 2019

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Video: Dortmund and Monaco fans Never Walk Alone

Video: Dortmund and Monaco fans Never Walk Alone

UEFA Champions League match between Dortmund and Monaco started with Dortmund and Monaco fans singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” in unison. Dortmund and Monaco fans showed remarkable togetherness by performing the legendary chant after Tuesday’s incident.

The empathy shown by fans of both teams came after Dortmund’s team bus was targeted in a bombing on Tuesday. A road side bomb explosion left defender Marc Bartra injured and hospitalized, and the rest of the team shaken and shocked. Against an uproar from general public, UEFA decided to postpone the game only for a day. This allowed Dortmund team minimal time to recover from the upsetting incident.

Dortmund fans had already shown their hospitality by offering the travelling Monaco fans accommodation and guidance on Tuesday. Monaco fans then showed their respect and sympathy by taking part in Dortmund’s “theme” song pre-match on Wednesday.

Understandably the home team was not at its best on Wednesday’s match, and the visitors took a 2-3 victory back home.

Dortmund and Monaco fans – You’ll Never Walk Alone

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