Way Too Early NBA Awards

The NBA season is barely over two weeks underway but we are going to go over our way too early NBA awards if the season were to end right now.


The MVP has to come from a team with a top-10 record in the league so far and from a player carrying the load for his team thus far. With little expectations for their teams this season, the Mavericks and 76ers have far surpassed how anyone thought they would begin the year. This means that Luka Doncic and Joel Embiid are the MVP front runners. Nobody likes to pick Embiid again but he is the pick here. Both teams have lost just one game and Embiid leads the league in scoring, has insane shooting percentages, is averaging 2.0 blocks, with 11 rebounds and 6.2 assists per game.

Rookie of the Year

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While it seems like there should be a clear Rookie of the Year pick so far in Victor Wembanyama, there is actually another tough call here. Sure Wembanyama has all the hype and the impressive highlights with one monster game but Chet Holmgren has been more consistent and does essentially all the same things as Wembanyama. Holmgren is shooting 11% higher from the field, 21% highger from three at 53%, averaging one more assist, and 1.6 turnovers less. Wembanyama has a slight advantage averaging 2.4 more points, 0.7 more rebounds, and 0.5 more combined blocks and steals. While it seems like Holmgren has better overall numbers, Wembanyama is the star on his team while Holmgren is more of a role player and has carried the Spurs to some big wins. Therefore, we’re still going with Wembanyama.

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Luka_Doncic_(51176525298).jpg