What to Watch for NFL Preseason Week 1

The NFL preseason week 1 is here and there are tons of games taking place Friday through the Sunday. Let’s look at three things to watch for.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Battle

After Tom Brady retired it seemed like the Buccaneers would give their 2021 second-round pick Kyle Trask a chance to be the starter. This team feels like they can still compete for a division title though in a bad NFC South. So, the team decided to bring in veteran Baker Mayfield. Reports say that neither quarterback has stood out in training camp, so it will be interesting to see if one of them is clearly better in the preseason.

The Denver Broncos Offense

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The Broncos are one of the most interesting NFL teams because they have a strong defense and brought in Russell Wilson to lead the offense last year. Denver ended up having arguably the worst offense in the NFL, however. It has been said that Wilson looks like his old self in training camp and that some of the wide receivers look like they have made a jump as well. We’ll see.

Raiders vs 49ers

The 49ers finally let Jimmy G go and he signed with their former cross-bay rival, the now Las Vegas Raiders. It is just preseason but Jimmy G obviously wants to show the 49ers that they let him go too early and he still has plenty left in him. The 49ers have a QB battle going on themselves between Brock Purdy and former No. 3 overall pick in 2021, Trey Lance.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jimmy_Garoppolo_49ers.jpg