What We Learned from the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs won the 57th Super Bowl on Sunday over the Philadelphia Eagles. Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs on a bad ankle over a tough opponent. Let’s look at what we learned from this season and Super Bowl game.

Patrick Mahomes has the chance to be the GOAT

The GOAT or Greatest of All Time is undoubtedly Tom Brady in the NFL right now. He won seven Super Bowls over the course of his 23-year career that just ended this season. Brady also led the league in passing touchdowns five times and in passing yards four times. Mahomes already has two Super Bowl wins now at the age of just 27. If Mahomes can play on a bad ankle, it showed he can be effective as a less-mobile quarterback later in his career like Brady was. He has also already led the NFL in passing touchdowns twice and passing yards once.

Jalen Hurts is really good

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When the run game wasn’t working well, Hurts took it upon himself to make plays happen. He himself was the running attack with three touchdowns and 70 yards. After multiple games where the Eagles just ran, Hurts had to throw in this game and he did wildly successfully with 304 yards and no interceptions. He can be one of the best quarterbacks in the league for a long time if he can throw and run like that while managing just six interceptions all year.

You need a little luck

The refs have been criticized more than ever this year it seems. Kansas City had some lucky calls that many people say won them the game but they still had calls that went the other way as well. Remember the Miles Sanders’ fumble return for a touchdown that was called back? That was questionable. Calls go both ways but down the stretch teams need calls to get them wins like the holding by Philadelphia late to set up the game-winning kick after burning a ton of clock.

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Patrick_Mahomes_(51615688913).jpg